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The history of Taekwang Industrial is synonymous with that of Korea’s textile and petrochemical industries.


October 25, 1950
Business Area
  • Synthetic Fiber
  • Textile
  • Petrochemical
  • Advanced Material
3.1 Trillion KRW
2.0 Trillion KRW(Dec. 2019)

The first half-century in the history of Taekwang Industrial has been that of an unremitting challenge.

Since its foundation by Mr. Lee Eam-Yong, the first chairman, in 1950, Taekwang has steadily developed itself into an integrated textile manufacturing empire which covers from the various synthetic fibers, such as acryl, nylon, spandex and etc., to spinning, weaving and processing of wide range of textiles. Also from 1995, Taekwang has successfully operated large-scale petrochemical plants producing PTA, Propylene, AN and etc. that could have the company complete the dream of vertical integration and eventually the alignment of textile industries, which was unprecedented achievement in Korea.

The remarkable growth that Taekwang generated during the 1970’s and 1980’ lifted its trustworthiness and credibility enough to be listed as the corporation with best business performance in the management assessments conducted by various institutes in Korea. Based on these performances and the reputation, Taekwang could successfully diversified its business into finance, media communications and IT area, that has played the role of driving engine of continuous business growth Taekwang Group has made so far.

Taekwang has committed to make its way into the ever turbulent era of limitless competition, through reinforcement of responsible business management, unrelenting innovation and searching for new business opportunity. Based on the proud tradition and substantial management policy that have been inherited during the last half-century, we will also not spare any of our efforts until we recreate Taekwang as world-class outstanding company leading the 21th century, with new determination and challenging spirit.